Cedar Feeder

Cedar Feeder

Cedar Feeder

This feeder has some unique features that allow you to feed only the smaller birds in your garden and also keep most of the seed off the ground. To fill the feeder use the supplied funnel, made from a milk jug, and fill through the small hole in the upper section. The seed flows around the outside of the pipe and is only available at the small gap at the bottom. As there is no perch the feeder tilts any time a larger bird, like a crow, tries to feed so they soon give up allowing the smaller birds to feed as they have little weight. There is minimal spillage from this feeder therefor the ground predators, like cats and rats, also tend to move on to better hunting grounds. The feeder tends to need refilling less often due to lack of spillage. If the feeder is hung in the open the cedar wood will turn grey as it weathers. If it is hung under an eve or other sheltered spot and food grade mineral oil applied twice a year it will retain its for original colour for many seasons.

Using reclaimed and remnant materials (cedar wood) small critter habits are handcrafted in Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast to enhance the ecosystems of urban gardens, patios and decks.


Repurposed + functional + innovative ...

When Mark Anson discovered 2700 thin sheets of old growth western red cedar in a UBC dumpster he knew he had to come up with a use for it. Being a keen back yard gardener he realized an opportunity to create habitats to provide a safe environment for compromised wildlife to compliment his garden. He came up with the Tree Drop Garden Habitat design.

The deceptively simple fluid design looks like it might be easy to make but, as any wood worker recognizes, actually it is quite complex involving boiling water, a series of jigs and clamps,

along with a very short time frame where the wood is pliable enough to form the distinctive drop shape. It took many hours of consultation with his dad, Peter, and months of trial and error to develop the technique to build the habitats. The bulk heads are also repurposed from old salvaged fence boards.

On seeing the Tree Drops, friends and neighbours were blown away with their attractiveness and functionality and wanted to own them or give them as gifts.

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