The Travel Mat

The Travel Mat
The Travel Mat The Travel Mat The Travel Mat The Travel Mat The Travel Mat

The Travel Mat

Muddy // Wet // Sandy

As dog owners we all know these three lovely words don't we?... Well this is exactly what we don't want all over your car seats, in your camper van, or tracked through the house at all !

SO - we designed a very water resistant item that you can simply roll out like a yoga mat onto your car seat, or put in your animal crate for extra padding and comfort, or bring along with you on a camping trip for some shared seating to keep your 'tooshies' warm and dry while sitting around a camp fire.

The water resistant nylon helps with easy clean-up if there are any little 'accidents'. And don't worry-because of the closed cell foam inside it will never absorb any of the moisture! Hose it down with a mild detergent, and hang to dry. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

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Greatly inspired by the west coast life, her undeniable love for wildlife and her animals ...

Handsome Mountain Pet Supplies was thought up and created shortly after Jesse adopted Beaumont from the SPCA in Kelowna, BC. She saw his adorable face surrounded by his puppy sized paws and the uncontrollable ‘cuteness’ factor in his eyes in a single photo and said to herself: “I have to go and meet this little guy”. It was a long yet exciting drive from Vancouver along the Coquihalla Highway, enjoying the mountain views and winding roads to get her first chance to meet him. Without much hesitation, she knew he was the pup for her. On the drive back was when Jesse named him…Beaumont.

"Life Changing. No other words can describe it. It was one of the best decisions I ever made" -says Jesse.

As she was on the hunt for some colorful, inspiring and rad looking doggie gear-she was left unimpressed by the 'coolness' factor of the products out there, and nothing stood out calling ‘be mine’. So…needless to say shortly after Jesse decided to start designing a logo of a brand that she thought would be cool on a pet bed, and the rest is history!

Quick Translation: Beau=Handsome & Mont=Mountain…et voilà!

Dreaming up her perfect pet bed, she began to get more and more ideas and the creative juices started flowing.

Shortly after some changes in her career path, Jesse decided to dive in and start developing the brand into something bigger, that she could share with other pet owners that are simply looking for high quality, trendy, and all around fun pet accessories and supplies.

Greatly inspired by the west coast life here in Canada B.C., her undeniable love for wildlife and her animals it was without a doubt that the two would weave themselves together somehow on her new adventure into a different profession - or dream one could say. Always being an entrepreneurial mind and as her grandmother says “a force to be reckoned with”, she decided to take the leap of faith and give it all she’s got! Jesse has a “kool-kat” named Keilana, and a “buddy-guy” named Beaumont - both are very furry, cute of course and the best lil’ companions she could ask for –they are the reason why she created Handsome Mountain Pet Supplies, and they are the reason why she loves creating things for people to enjoy with their ‘best buds’.

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