Sippy Jar and Cozy Set in 'Hudson Bay'

Sippy Jar and Cozy Set in 'Hudson Bay'
Sippy Jar and Cozy Set in 'Hudson Bay' Sippy Jar and Cozy Set in 'Hudson Bay' Sippy Jar and Cozy Set in 'Hudson Bay'

Sippy Jar and Cozy Set in 'Hudson Bay'

Tired of using plastic for your kids? This durable mason jar is made almost indestructible by the addition of the hand crocheted cozy. Paired with the medical grade silicone Nuby sippy lid this is the perfect accessory for the special hipster littles in your life.

The yarn is a wool and acrylic blend, you can machine wash and dry but we recommend hand wash and dry to reduce pilling and felting. The yarn pattern is called 'Hudson Bay' and each cozy will vary because of the variegated yarn but I will do my best to ensure that each cozy shows all four colors.

- Includes ONE sippy cup set: 1 regular mouth half pint jar, one regular mouth ring and 1 custom cut Nuby sippy top.

- Sippy cup measures approx. 5 inches tall assembled.


After a year or two of thrifting, a serious obsession, and a couple hundred jars...

My name is Marie, and I am The Jar Girl - located in beautiful Vancouver British Columbia.

If you can't tell, I LOVE mason jars. Years ago a family member gave me a few dozen antique jars that started my obsession.

At The Jar Girl we believe in being kind to the earth. Our entire jar collection was purchased used, scouting out every thrift shop, garage sale,

estate sale and antique dealer anywhere near anywhere we travel, carted home and lovingly cleaned, scrubbed and restored one by one. Mason jars are practical and unpretentious. Many of us have memories of receiving a homemade gift in a jar or maybe even helping make one.

Mason jars remind us of a time when life was simpler, when people knew what went into their food because they were the ones who put it in the jars. As a culture, we are starting to care about the little things again.

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