2016 Animal Calendar

2016 Animal Calendar

2016 Animal Calendar

Enjoy the months of the year with this desk / wall calendar that features some of our animal paintings. Perfect for the fridge, an inspiration board or in the office! These make great gifts for friends, family, neighbours, teachers and more!

- 12 loose pages measuring approximately 5" x 7"
- Every print is custom printed on premium, archival, acid free watercolor paper
- Ttied together with a piece of twine
- Packaged in an acid free, archival sleeve and a sturdy mailer

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I find great joy in bringing my love of animals to life on paper...

Animal and people share the same home, Earth, together since Adam and Eve. I want to make the connection of my passion with animals and raise the awareness of their existence in our lives. I leave a blank background to give my audience the freedom to imagine, just like how I would like to give animal freedom they deserve.

At the age of twelve, I moved to one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems – Vancouver, Canada. I was constantly fascinated by its natural beauty and the little pieces of life that often go unnoticed; from the fine lines of owl’s feathers to the whiskers of an escaping squirrel. I found animals can exhibit a kind of

personal magnetism that is quite compelling; and I find great joy in bringing my love of animals to life on paper.

It’s hard to link my shop name to animals because the name wasn’t just meant for animal art. I started Triple Studio right after I graduated. The initial idea for Triple Studio is a playground for me to try out different ideas, and animal art is one of them. The other two ideas were graphic design and web development, which now I have shifted to event planning (Etsy market, workshops, pop up shop…) and digital marketing (this is my full time job).

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