Room & Linen Spray - ENERGIZING

Room & Linen Spray - ENERGIZING

Room & Linen Spray - ENERGIZING

A spicy blend of Lemon and Ginger, with a hint of Fir essential oil freshen the room and leave a lingering scent of fresh citrus on linens. Lemon aids in concentration while spicy ginger and fir essential oil energize the spirit and mind. This aromatic combination is the perfect balance of nature and citrus to energize your spirit.

Swish bottle to distribute natural oils and mist freely to freshen any room. 16 fl oz

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Uplifting, Energizing


Nourishing body care products with no preservatives, chemicals, or additives ...

A mommy of three and an esthetician by trade, Desja began her journey on the vintage market circuit in the Lower Mainland of BC. Blending her years of knowledge of skincare, and her need to be creative, it was a natural choice for her develop a skin care line that was pure and natural for herself and her children. A line that looked great, smelled great, with ingredients you could pronounce.

The intention to create nourishing body care products with no preservatives, chemicals, or additives became the priority. Made with pure ingredients, and essential oils, carefully formulated to nourish, repair and promote healing of the skin. After all, it is your largest organ!

With her children in mind, SPROUT- baby skincare collection was curated.

Also made with pure essential oils and rich nourishing ingredients to protect the most delicate of skin, it is 100% authentically chemical free. No preservatives, no additives, no colorants (and thoroughly slathered on her own babies)

Haven Living Skincare Collections are hand crafted in small batches to preserve quality and freshness.

Nearly two decades in the beauty industry has taught me that although products can be manufactured, relationships can't. Great products tell their story, by the people who love them and support the people who create them. These relationships can't be mass produced, and they are the most sacred of all. ~ Desja Walker

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