Neon Electric Jam Tee

Neon Electric Jam Tee
Neon Electric Jam Tee Neon Electric Jam Tee

Neon Electric Jam Tee

What could be groovier than a neon yellow baseball tee with a hand-printed distressed lightning bolt? Easy-breezy, soft, and stylish, this tee was made for baseball games in the rain and tadpole hunts by the creek. Pair it with ripped jeans and a backwards cap and you’re ready to rock.

Wash in cold water, no heat dry



Promoting the spirit of play, discovery and adventure ...

Emerson Apparel is a labor of love inspired by my daughter, Emerson, a child who loves to explore and play. We create unique, stylish and well-made clothing for the free-spirited child who loves to climb trees, dance in the rain, and dig in the sand.

As a mom, I understand my customers. Moms look for what fits well, what is most comfortable, what kids are drawn to, and of course, what we think looks cute! This is what guides every stitch and material we use at Emerson Apparel. This is also what guides every image and message on our clothing,

to create an overall design that children love to wear and that parents love to see their children wearing. We only hire seamstresses who are mothers, because we believe it is important to support working moms who understand exactly what our ideal consumer is looking for.

Our mission is to promote the spirit of play, discovery and adventure through fashionable and well-made children's clothing. Clothing that allows for self-expression and artistic creativity. After all, when you're a kid, having fun is what life is all about. Welcome to Emerson Apparel.

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