The Local Find aims to promote local designers, and succeed together collectively. Supporting local helps sprout new ideas, grow small businesses, and makes the local economy thrive as a whole.

"Money spent with a local business generates 3.5x more wealth for the economy compared to money spent at a chain-owned business."

-Huffington post

curated + local

It is our commitment to showcase the best designers in each region, so customers can be certain they will be receiving the highest quality products. The Local Find is streamlined and curated, so one doesn’t have to search through a multitude of websites to find what they’re after.

We are always looking for more designers, artists, creators, and craftsmen to add to our evolving offerings. Are you a local maker? Or know someone who may want to sell on The Local Find? Apply here or contact us with any questions.


We are advocates about the positive impact buying local has on our environment. Local independent makers are more likely to use reclaimed materials, minimal or compostable packaging, and produce negligible toxic wastes in production. Locally made products also have a supply chain with minimized transport pollution.

With our commitment to support sustainability, we will be launching a micro grant program spring 2016 (with partial proceeds from sales on The Local Find) for local community or business sustainable initiatives. Please email for more information.