Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy local?
  • We are aiming to support local designers and succeed together collectively.  Supporting local helps grow local businesses, support new startups, and help the local economy grow.   We really want to support the little guy and help them be found, it’s really easy to find a big box store and go in and purchase your goods, but it is much more difficult to find good quality sustainable goods.  Our goal is to make those accessible.
How does the Local Find work?
  • Products produced by local designers.  Then items are showcased on The Local Find (just like a storefront).  Orders are then made on The Local Find, and the designer receives a order for the product purchased.  Then, designer sends you your item directly.  This reduces energy consumption, carbon, and packaging.
How does Shipping and Handling work?
  • Shipping is paid to the local find and the designer is paid for the shipping of the items shipped to you.  After a certain value from one designer decreased shipping can be achieved.
Why we encourage multiple orders from makers?
  • This supports makers and places a higher value on their time. It also greatly reduces the ratio of shipping cost to purchase value. With most products it costs us the same to ship out one vs three.
How do I get featured in The Local Find features page?
  • We feature local designers, products and events in our blog.  Email us your great idea or event.
What is your Return policy?
  • View complete policy here.
How long will it take for me to receive my product?
  • Made-to-order turn around times can be seen on each individual maker page. If nothing is noted, you can expect your product will be shipped within 1-3 business days.